A word from a CEO #91

Why Drift is going 100% remote

Hi all –

When we founded Drift six years ago, we made it very clear that we valued an in-office experience. And this culture allowed us to achieve hypergrowth and grow into the company we are today.

But the world has changed, and we can’t pretend we are going back to the world we had before.

This has meant that over the past ten months, we’ve been forced to reevaluate every belief we held as a company.

We needed to find a way to thrive and succeed in this new reality.

But a hybrid approach was never an option for us. Because I believe that hybrid leads to an inequitable experience. And one of the reasons Elias and I founded Drift was to help build an equitable company for our team and to serve as a role model for our community.

That’s why I’m excited that Drift is now a Digital First company.

This means that while remote will continue to be the primary experience, we’ll reconfigure our offices to be “Conversation Spaces,” where Drifters can gather and collaborate once it’s safe to do so. (More on this in an upcoming Seeking Wisdom episode with Dena Upton, our Chief People Officer.)

I think this is the way of the future. A future where we can focus more on outcomes and less on time in the office. And I know that by continuing to be intentional with every culture-related decision we make, we’ll build an even better Drift ⚡️

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