A word from a CEO #87

Marc Benioff (the old way) vs Drift (new way)

Hi all –

On Friday, I saw this really important thread.

SFDC Board Seats

And I want to make something very clear.

This is the old way. Drift will be the new way.

That means we WANT everyone on the Drift team to have the opportunity to serve as the next generation of board members. And we will give them the training to do so.

I’m serious.

Elias, Drift’s CTO and co-founder, and I, and many members of our team, were born in injustice, raised in it. And we still face it daily. That is why we want to be the new face of corporate America – a place that looks like all of us, not just like Marc and the other men in Silicon Valley right now.

I appreciate all of the amazing work Marc and companies like Salesforce have done and continue to do. But I believe that when you have lived in injustice you bring a different perspective and voice – one that is badly missing from the conversation today.

I’ve said it before – Drift has a long way to go – but step one is making clear to our team and our community what we stand for, and what we don’t.

Stay tuned to hear more about the actions we will be taking to support Drifters today and in the future in order to usher in the new face of diversity even outside our own company.

What are you doing to foster a more diverse and inclusive workplace?

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