A word from a CEO #84

The future of (our) work

Hi all –

At our Q4 company meeting, I told the Drift team that we can’t pretend we’re going back to the world we had before…and that means, among other things, I’m thinking about the future of work.

Many companies, including Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, and others, have shared their plans. Some companies, like Amazon, have doubled down and acquired more office space. Others have decided to go hybrid or fully remote.

This has a lot of the team here wondering, “so what does this mean for us?”

And I’m sure many of you are struggling with the same question.

The answer is…I’m not sure yet.

I know that’s not usually a satisfying answer, but this is a decision that cannot be rushed. How and from where you work will impact not only your culture and footprint, but how you lead, and so much more. So when Drift ultimately makes this decision I want to be able to answer every question from my team – and we’re just not there yet.

But we have time.

I’m taking it all in and want to hear feedback from you too. Tell me, how has your company changed over the last 8 months? What do you anticipate the future of work to look like?

I might not be sure about where or how the team will be working. But I am certain of one thing – the decision we ultimately come to will prioritize our team, our customers, and our culture. And that’s what’s most important – whether you’re working in an office or distributed around the world.

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