A word from a CEO #80

The dip and beyond

Hi all –

For many of us, this year has felt hard. Really hard. Personally, professionally, politically. 2020 can be likened to what Seth Godin calls, “the Dip.”

But in life and in business, dips teach us really powerful lessons. They help us:

  1. Realign and center on our mission and goal: For Drift, that plan centers on building an enduring We are the new way businesses buy from businesses. We are building the sales and marketing engine of the future – one that creates a remarkable experience for the buyer and the seller
  2. Solidify the team: I can’t say this enough: People > everything. We have the strongest team I’ve ever worked with. That’s why I’m so confident about accomplishing the above. Despite the dip that is 2020, we brought in 52 new team members, including 5 VPs in the last quarter – and have 37 positions open right now.
  3. Keep close to the customer: This is our top priority. The way we succeed is by putting the customer at the center of everything we do – and ensuring every new solution, product or plan, is in service to them. This is how I’ve gotten through other dips, and how we’ll get through this one.

As Godin said, “winners seek out the Dip. They realize that the bigger the barrier, the bigger the reward for getting past it.”

There’s no denying this has been a challenging year. But we’re in the home stretch and we all need to work to get past our own dips – personal and professional.

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