A word from a CEO #76

What’s on my mind

Hi all –Depending on where you live, you might feel like there’s some semblance of normalcy returning to your life. But, we can’t predict what the rest of the year will bring. COVID isn’t over. And I am still a war time CEO.

So what’s on my mind?

My number one priority continues to be protecting Drift’s employees, our families, and our customers, investors and community.

I’m also thinking about how we buy, shop and interact. That people are considering what brands they want to spend money with, especially during these down times. Which ones they value and why they value them. And we need to understand that and take those learnings to heart.

The world is not going to go back to where we were in January or February. We have all suffered a traumatic experience and you can’t just unwind that. It’s not going to re-correct itself when we have a vaccine, or when people can return to offices. Think about other traumatic experiences – the Great Depression, 9/11, the fires in San Francisco and Oregon. People who experienced that were and will be forever changed.

I’m thinking about the future of work – how we stay connected when we cannot be together. How we can gather virtually.

I’m hoping that you are all taking time for yourselves. Vacations can fall by the wayside when we can’t travel, but time off is important and necessary to help you unplug and recharge.

So those are a few things on my mind.

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