A word from a CEO #74

The way to grow a career

Hi all –

When Larry Bohn called in for Drift’s Mentor Series a few weeks ago, our Chief People Officer, Dena Upton, asked him what the benefits are of going to work for a hypergrowth company – and why you should stay with a company through a fast-paced journey.

I loved his answer, and so I wanted to reiterate it here. He said, “the way to grow a career is to grow it through a great company.”

What he and I have both seen – is that when you work for a fast-growing company, not only are there more opportunities – but you can create opportunities as well. We saw this a lot at HubSpot. The people who worked hard and stuck with it were given license to help open the office in Dublin, go into different groups, and expand their roles in ways that wouldn’t happen at a “normal” company.

There is a lot of change at Drift – but, it’s all about growth – about creating the best company we can – for our customers and for our employees. As Phil Knight said in Shoe Dog, “Life is growth. You grow or you die.”

Larry finished up by saying, “the grass is always greener. But, building an enduring company – one that is bigger than yourself and your team, is something wonderful.”

And that is what we are building with all of you.

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