A word from a CEO #73

The importance of lifelong learning

Hi all –

I caught an interview with Howard Stern (you can learn everywhere) the other day, in which he said he only became a lifelong learner later in life. He now focuses on learning how to improve in his career, painting, and a few other hobbies – but wishes he had started earlier. And he said that there’s no prison he could be put in today where he would be bored – because he has such a passion for learning and getting better.

He also said that when you hear people say they’re bored, it’s because they lost their sense of curiosity. When you’re curious, then you want to learn, you want to grow – you’re excited about every day and every opportunity.

I loved that idea.

It’s something I focused on when I took my Drift sabbatical a few years ago. I committed to three things: becoming a better cyclist, learning to become a horse hand to help my daughter who is an equestrian, and practicing daily meditation. Most recently, I’ve learned how to play Minecraft because my son loves it.

We talk about it a lot at Drift, and I hope that everyone can, in some part, commit to the idea of lifelong learning – whatever that means for you. Because it’s that curiosity that will keep you excited about work, push you to try something new, or discover a new hobby.

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