A word from a CEO #72

Hi all –

There are two things Warren and I have done. One is that we spend a lot of time thinking. Our schedules are not that crowded, and we sit around and think constantly. In a way, we look more like academics than businessmen. My system has always been to sit quietly for a few hours. I don’t mind if there are long periods where nothing happens. Warren’s the same way. He’s sitting on top of an empire now. Sometimes he clears his schedule for a haircut. His calendar will say Tuesday: Haircut day.

– Charlie Munger

Setting aside to think. This is one of the habits I get the most return from adopting, while also being the habit I struggle the hardest to keep.

Part of the reason that I talk about using asynchronous channels so much (like Drift Video, voice notes, etc.) is that when you allow someone to watch or listen to something in their own time, it gives people more time to think, make and reflect.

I’ve found that I have more time to think during this time of remote work — when I’m not traveling or commuting, and it’s been hugely helpful. I used to block my calendar, but it never worked. So, now I cancel a lot of meetings if I think they can happen without me or if they aren’t critical — and try to use that time to just think.

I encourage you all to try to set aside time to do this. Go for a walk, a drive, a run, journal or just sit quietly — whatever works for you. And let me know what helps you make this a habit.

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