A word from a CEO #71

Summer reading list

Hi all –

One of my favorite perks we offer at Drift is the Drift Book Club. Once a month, our employees can choose a book they would like to read and we will deliver it in whatever format they prefer (paperback/hardcover, e-book or audiobook). I love that this helps foster a culture of learning – learning from books, and also learning from each other by suggesting new books that might be missing.

So, this week I wanted to share the list of books that are currently available to Drifters with all of you. We have Amazon links in here for ease of use – but I encourage you to support your local bookstore (in Boston some of my favorites are More Than Words, Brattle Book Shop, Trident Booksellers and Frugal Bookstore).

Take a look and let us know if we are missing any!

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