A word from a CEO #63

We are just getting started

Hi all –

Over the past week we’ve had many conversations internally at Drift about the state of the world and how we can best support the Black community. I suspect many of you have done the same.

We said we would listen and learn. And most importantly, we said that it’s not just about this week. It’s about next week. And the week after that, and so on. It’s about the conversations that we continue to have as a team and as a company, and it’s about the actions we take to truly bring meaningful change.

And we know not everyone is going to agree with us.

We send a variety of newsletters out each week, including this one, to our customers, Insider members, blog followers, and more. Last week, instead of the usual content, we chose to share some of the anti-racism resources we have turned to as a company.

We got a lot of amazing responses. People telling us “I wish more companies would do this right now,” and “I really appreciate you sending this.”

But I’m going to be straight with you. We got some negative ones as well. People telling us that we’re a “business, not a political action group” and “you should be silent.”

We are a business. But we are also a group of people who believe in creating a culture of respect and trust. We are a group that believes in bias for action and in one day collectively donated over $20,000 to various organizations fighting racism.

We are just getting started.

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