A word from a CEO #59

Showing up for each other

Hi all,

We didn’t have much of a remote culture at Drift before all of this. In fact, I’ve publicly said that we intentionally have a very in-office culture. That it’s necessary for the type of company we’re building, and the speed at which we’re hoping to do it.

Right now, we are working with what we have. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s what’s right and necessary.

So, while we stay remote for the time being, we’re committing that much more to showing up to the rituals that make Drift Drift. For us that means Monday Metrics and Friday Show & Tell. Here’s why:

  1. We want to start and end our weeks together. It’s important we stay connected, motivated and aligned, especially while we’re remote.
  2. We believe in transparency and learning. No matter what team you’re on or role you’re in, it’s important that everyone at Drift understands how the business is tracking and performing.
  3. We don’t want to work in silos. It’s great for everyone to be exposed to what other departments are working on and see how people are working together cross functionally.

These are not normal times. But we need to stay connected and focused on the task at hand.

How are you working to maintain your own rituals while working remotely? Reply to let me know.

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