A word from a CEO #53

One team

Hi all –

At Drift, it’s everyone’s job to put the customer first. Not just sales, or marketing or customer success. But product, operations and our people team too.

That’s why when we started the company, we decided to post every closed deal in our ‘General’ Slack channel. Over time, we moved these notifications out of General because they were creating too much noise. Recently, we realized this was a mistake and have brought back these company-wide alerts. Because, now more than ever, we need to rally as one team around our customer. We need to remind ourselves every day why we do what we do.

We are one team.

Customers are the reason we exist at Drift and the entire team needs to be part of both bringing in new customers, and servicing our existing customers.

That’s also why we encourage every employee to act like a marketer. Amplifying our message isn’t just on the marketing team.

It’s not just one team’s job. It is all of our jobs.

And, like most things right now, this is more important than ever.

How are your employees rallying together as one team?

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