A word from a CEO #43

Diversity and culture

At our annual Kick-Off last week, we shared this image: 

A word from a CEO #43 1

I’m really proud that we are ahead of tech giants like Facebook and Google in these numbers, because ensuring that we have a diverse workplace has been something Elias and I have tried to focus on since day one at Drift. We wanted it to be a core value. Something in our DNA. Because we knew that if we didn’t, by the time we got to over 100 people, it would be too late. 

As you may know, I grew up in Queens — one of the most diverse places ever — and so I recognized the benefits of seeing a diversity of thought and economics, and how it made us better and want more and push harder. And I took this for granted — because when I joined the tech world, it took 10 years until I met another Latinx person, and that was Elias. 

I think we have a real opportunity to help change that, and that’s why I want Drift to have a balanced culture and team that looks more like the world does at large, not like most technology companies. And yes, the numbers are important, because it helps us recognize if and how we’re really moving the needle. But more than that, I want everyone to come to the company knowing that they are here because they are going to add something to the team. 

We’re always going to have more work to do. But, we’re trying to create the new face of corporate America. So at Drift, I encourage our employees to bring their whole self to work, get involved in an ERG, and share feedback on we can make Drift the best place it can be. 

I encourage you to do the same at your company.

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