A word from a CEO #38

The choice


I’m writing this sitting on the couch, enjoying a glass of red wine (a gift from a friend), watching the snow fall while reflecting on all that I’m thankful for. If you’re reading this then you are a major reason I am thankful. I appreciate you.

At this time of the year It’s really easy to, rightfully so, sit and coast into the new year. Enjoying the holidays, time with friends and family and even enjoying the falling snow is something we all deserve to do. While it is important to enjoy that time I am reminded how this is our last stretch, and it is often the very last stretch that makes all the difference.

The difference between winning or losing. The difference between good and great. The difference between all the hard work being worth it or better luck next race.

The last mile stretch is here for us. Now is the time when we can make the hard work we put in during 2019 worth the sacrifice. I plan to really be present when I’m enjoying the holidays with my loved ones, when I’m watching the snow fall while drinking a glass of wine and when I’m at work so I can make all the hard work over the last 11 months worthwhile.

Let’s all push through this final stretch together and appreciate how special this time we have together really is. Happy Thanksgiving.

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