A word from a CEO #37

The future is about trust

Hi everyone-

You’ve heard me say it before. We live in a world of infinite options. There’s too much noise and too many choices.

If you don’t have someone’s attention — if you can’t break through that noise, you can’t sell to them. And if they don’t trust you — you can’t sell to them either.

We aren’t selling software or a product. We are selling trust.

So make every interaction about teaching.

The first question you should ask yourself is, “how can I add value for them?” That is how you start a relationship. Give, give, give.

Always give without an ask from them. Genuine giving and caring always pays off in the long run.

Remember: when they come to you, you have their attention, their trust. You are the expert. When you go to them, you’re always selling.

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