A word from a CEO #35


Hi everyone –

People often ask how they can be successful at a fast-growing, meritocracy-based or enlightened company.

There are obviously many things that go into this — but the simplest answer is: learn how to shift your mindset.

No matter where you were before, you will bring preconceived opinions from previous experience. But the people who succeed at these types of companies are those who can quickly learn how to flip their mindset.

For example:

  • This company is chaotic and there are too many updates vs. This company is customer first and we move fast to improve
  • There’s too much communication and too many channels vs. We communicate the right amount
  • I’m not confident vs. I know how to do this
  • I don’t understand vs. I can figure this out
  • No one teaches me vs. I can teach myself
  • I don’t know who to go to vs. I’m going to just ask and develop relationships
  • I serve leadership vs. Leadership serves me

If you have the right mindset, you will drive success with customers and regularly overachieve.

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