A word from a CEO #112

Change of opinion is a good thing

Hi all –

Earlier this year a CEO from one of the world’s biggest banks gave a pretty scathing review of working from home. And honestly, for years I would have been right there with him.

I WAS very much an in-office CEO. And now?

Drift is a digital-first company. The pandemic caused me to question and reevaluate many of my own personal assumptions.

People are living online now more than ever. It’s changing how we market and sell. How buyers buy, and it should change how we work too.

At Drift, we’ve shown that we can do amazing things working remotely. It’s given our teams more flexibility. More time to be with their families, and made us quicker and more nimble as a company.

We’ve hired and onboarded dozens of people remotely – including top leadership roles. We’ve hosted successful virtual events. And we’ve launched new products.

We tested, we learned, we adapted.

As always, I encourage you all to form your own opinions. But be open to changing them. It’s through learning, adapting, and flexing that we grow as people.

What has the pandemic taught you about yourself, and work?

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