A word from a CEO #101

Protecting your castle

Hi all –

In 1995, Warren Buffett was asked a question during a shareholder’s meeting.

“What are the fundamental rules of economics you use to make money for Berkshire Hathaway?”

His response?

“We’re trying to find a business with a wide and lasting moat around it…protecting a terrific economic castle.”

25 years later, moats are still what keep the most successful companies in the world on top.

So what is your moat?

For Drift it’s our brand. And we need to do everything to protect and widen our moat.

That means:

  1. We will not win by looking or sounding like everyone else. We are not just another B2B SaaS company. Saas is a commodity. We need to create a real connection with people. And the bar is higher for us because we are marketing to marketers and sales teams. And we are category creators.
  2. Details matter: We have to focus on the fundamentals. Copywriting. Psychology. The outcomes our customers can expect to get from working with us.
  3. We cannot forget our voice: This is in every email we write, every webpage we build, every video we film, every piece of swag we send, every event we host, and every line of copy we write.

Every one of us is responsible for the content we put out as Drifters. We are all marketers. Continue to think about how we can differentiate ourselves from everyone else. That is how we will widen our moat.

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