11 Questions to Spark Your Success

  1. There’s no good time. Now is the time.
    What are you waiting for?
  2. Put out your best material. For free.
    Do you want to be SHARED or SCARED?
  3. YOU may be your biggest obstacle.
    What would happen if you got out of the way?
  4. Stop STARTING things and get more into DOING.
    What can you DO today – right now?
  5. A few may wish to see you fail. A lot more are rooting for your success.
    Where is your attention?
  6. Forget the word vision.
    Better: What do you SEE in your future?
  7. You’re aiming too low.
    How can you elevate your sights, your fees, and your value?
  8. Stop blaming others. It’s ALL your fault.
    Move on – what’s next?
  9. A bend in the road is never the end – unless you fail to turn.
    Where do you need to turn?
  10. It’s not what you think it is. And it’s bigger than you think it is.
    Why not embrace that?
  11. There are no silver bullets, secret sauces, or magic beans.
    Now what’s your plan?

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