What Are Google SERP Features?

Google SERP features are pieces of information that aren’t part of the traditional organic results. Some of the common SERP features include:
  • AdWords – Ads that appear at the top or bottom of the left-hand column. You can tell an ad from an organic search result because it has a colored box next to it that says “Ad.”
  • Featured Snippet – Almost always the first result on the page. It pulls content from a page to answer a specific question.
  • Image Pack – A horizontal row of images when Google thinks visual content would help.
  • News Box – Newsworthy or time-sensitive topics will get a block of results from Google News.
  • Shopping Results – Images and pricing information for products. Like AdWords, this result is a paid placement.
  • Reviews – Review stars and ratings are often displayed for recipes, products, and restaurants. These appear between the URL and the snippet.
  • Related Questions – Questions that Google thinks might relate to your original inquiry. When you click, it expands to look like the featured snippet.

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