Product Hunt

Product Hunt receives over 100,000 daily website visits. Loom got over 3,000 users from their product hunt launch.

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ThingTesting (for DTC)

ThingTesting is glassdoor for DTC brands. Get early adopters (testers) & reviews for your brand by putting your product on the website.

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Betalist is a platform to find early adaptors. Front's first 50 customers came from listing on the forum.

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F6s (for B2B)

Low effort potential high return place to list your company is F6s. Over 4 million founders use F6s to get discounts on software.  

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A lot of Content

A good resource for creating Content is this presentation from Leadpages. The presentation explains how they used content marketing to grow from 0 to 16,000 customers in under a year.

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A newsletter

Ladder scaled their remote jobs newsletter to “tens of thousands” of subscribers before launching their product. Their first 1000 users all came from the newsletter.

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Uber distributed flyers in front of events, metro stations, and college campuses to attract early adaptors. Also, Groupon distributed flyers with QR codes in front of early vendors on the…

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A Tiktok video

Snack, a new dating app, got over 150,000 views by creating this Tiktok video explaining the why behind its product.  

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Atlassian founders gave out 15 to 20 cases of Atlassian-labelled beer to attendees at the JavaOne conference.  

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