Signature CTA

The footer of your email is a good place to re-iterate a call to action or highlight a message. Customers read things in this section. Rather than hiding your footer…

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Automate personal messages

Wouldn’t you like every new subscriber or customer to get a personal note from your CEO, customer support rep or account manager? You can, and should, make this happen. In…

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Use buttons

The use of buttons isn’t limited to landing pages. In fact, email marketers can greatly benefit from the use of buttons. What should my button say? A great rule of…

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Use email retargeting

Instead of guessing what people want, just look at the data you already have. Many marketers have put retargeting to good use with ad networks but your presence in the…

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Send others content

Are you willing to send your subscribers someone else’s content? If you answered “yes”, your marketing has a much better chance of being effective because it means you genuinely care…

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Emails Growth Hacks

Email marketing is a longterm strategy but that doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities to hack the growth of your list and the effectiveness of your emails. Tools: Mailchimp Convertkit Revue…

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