Matter, the read-it-later app, found their first users by partnering with communities. These include The Interintellect (run by Anna Gat). Progress Studies (run by Jason Crawford) & The Long Now…

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Udemy's first course was in partnership with Startup Digest, a newsletter that had over 50,000 subscribers.

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Speeddate got most of their first 2,000 using the live chat app Meebo and embedded their app on the service. Alcove got most of their first early listings from owners…

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Pitch Competitions

Trello got their first customers by presenting (revealing) the product at Techcrunch Disrupt. They got over 130,000 website visitors over the following 48 hours.

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Client’s offices (for b2b)

At 7 am every morning, Bloomberg visited the Merril Lynch office and offered coffee (or tea) to people reading the newspaper. Merrill Lynch became his first enterprise client.

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Etsy and Nike got their start at Trade shows. Etsy visited one or two trade shows every weekend to recruit sellers. At the same time, Nike relied on the biggest…

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DigitalOcean got its first 50 customers by demoing in front of a New York tech meetup. Similarly, Github got its first users from demoing the product at Ruby on Rails…

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Linkedin is one of the few social media platforms where you can still get a sizeable organic reach. Wonsulting founders build the company on top of actively posting on Linkedin.

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“In one month, we launched the website and went to other gaming Discord groups to tell them about this new site we built. We got a ton of traffic just…

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