Psychological principles every product designer should know

  • People heavily rely on the first piece of information they see and make subsequent judgements influenced by it.
  • Digital products should display/convey their core message on the hero banner, which serves as the anchor.
  • We tend to focus on only the success stories and overlook the thousands of failure stories around it, causing “survivorship bias” and leading to false conclusions.
  • In the decision-making process for business/design or anything, every angle and variable should be factored in, to avoid survivorship bias.
  • Introduction of a third option, the decoy, influences a person’s preference between the original 2 choices.
  • People fail to understand that the other person might not know or understand the same things as they do, it becomes challenging for them to put themselves in a position of a beginner and explain at a basic level.
  • Recognizing a past event is much easier and requires less mental effort than recalling it from the memory.