14 habits of highly effective Product Managers

1/ Great PMs take pride in the clarity and conciseness of their documents, emails, presentations, and meetings.
2/ Great PMs build an aura of “I’VE GOT THIS.”
3/ Great PMs hold the bar high for the work they, and their teammates, do.
4/ Great PMs hunt for misalignment and quickly push everyone back into alignment.
5/ Great PMs always have a point of view, loosely held.
6/ Great PMs ruthlessly prioritizes, both the team’s work and their own.
7/ Great PMs endlessly look for blockers to unblock.
8/ Great PMs build a tight leadership triad with their EM and DM.
9/ Great PMs frequently remind teammates of how their work connects to the mission.
10/ Great PMs speak with their customers regularly.
11/ Great PMs anticipate what’s around the corner so that they can get ahead of it.
12/ Great PMs make sure everyone has a chance to be heard.
13/ Great PMs amplify the successes and contributions of team members.
14/ Great PMs bring good vibes to the team.