Zonka FeedbackFastest way to collect feedback from customers and employees with stunning CSAT, CES & NPS Surveys and actionable insights.

Zonka Feedback is an Employee and Customer Experience Management Software that equips companies with a robust tool to set up custom surveys and feedback forms, distribute them at various touchpoints, view real-time survey responses, get in-depth one-touch reports and take action to close the feedback loop. With the Zonka Feedback and Slack integrations, you can do a lot. 
* Send your team surveys directly in Slack  You can choose which surveys to distribute to Slack Channels and Slack Users. They receive a custom message with the survey link that they can open in their web or mobile browser to fill out the survey. This is very helpful when you wish to send Surveys to your Teams in Slack or send Surveys to specific individuals.
* Get Survey Response Notifications on Slack  Receiving a real-time notification for all new Survey Responses is extremely handy as it eliminates your need to check new Survey Responses on Zonka Feedback platform or via Email.
* Receive Custom Response Alerts on Slack  The Custom Alerts are very useful when you want to keep your team notified of responses based on certain conditions. It is also very handy when you want different teams and Users to be notified on different conditions of the Survey Response.

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