Zoho Show Create, collaborate, share and manage presentations, the smarter way.

If you are an idea hamster, data analyst or someone who loves to convey a convincing story, Zoho Show is for you.  Key Features : 
1. Create presentations right from Slack channels and let your ideas flow instantly.
2. Collaborate on slides with your Slack team and exchange ideas using comments.
3. Make data more palpable using Show’s advanced features like path animations, smart elements and infographics. 
4. Compatible with PowerPoint – Import existing PPT/PPTX files from Slack workspace or your system and edit them in Show without formatting issues.
5. Use slash commands to share presentations across channels or individuals.
6. Assign role-based permissions to individuals and channels.
7. Get assistance from the Zoho Show Bot to:
     a. Get notified whenever a collaborator updates you.
     b. Get notified when a presentation is shared with you. 
     c. Manage file access permissions assigned to individuals/channelsSupported Slash Commands :
    1. Creates new presentation – /zohoshow new
    2. Lists recent presentations – /zohoshow list
    3. List your own presentations – /zohoshow list owned
    4. Lists presentations that matches given keyword – /zohoshow search
   5. Import existing powerpoint presentations from Slack workspace attachments – /zohoshow import
   6. Provide instant feedback or suggestions – /zohoshow feedback
    7. Lists all supported slash commands with descriptions – /zohoshow help
   Note :  You can use either /zohoshow or /zs for slash commandsLearn more about our Slack integration here.