Zoho Desk Get real-time ticket updates and on-demand support information delivered to your Slack channels.

Zoho Desk is an award-winning context-aware customer service software that is trusted by thousands of businesses like Daimler, Intel and Essilor.If your team uses Slack to collaborate, why switch tabs to get updates on customer tickets? The Zoho Desk App for Slack brings real-time updates on tickets to your Slack channels and ensures that your team is always up-to-date on customer context and conversations. Here’s what you can do with the app:
Map a department in Zoho Desk to a related channel in Slack to ensure relevant ticket events are posted in their corresponding channels.
Retrieve ticket-related information and other support details using simple slash commands. 
Get a daily report of tickets that are pending and resolved every morning and evening. 
Personalize your notification and alert preferences.  Available Editions:
This integration is available to all paid and trial editions of Zoho Desk under the Professional and Enterprise Plans.