zanie Doing for teams what bonding off-sites do for organizations, via a bot!

Hiya! I’m zanie and I’m here to help your team build trust!Why trust, you say? Because as Google recently found, trust is the #1 indicator of team productivity and innovation. Which makes sense: teams that trust each other feel psychologically safe with each other. That means that the people within those awesome teams feel safe speaking up or disagreeing and are more willing to work hard with and for each other. (Plus, it makes for happier employees which helps your company with retention!)How do I build trust, you might be wondering? My approach is a surprisingly simple one: trust is built with and within the good conversation. In a nutshell, I get teams talking! Think of me as your team’s Conversation Curator, engaging your team in lively banter around a thought-provoking weekly question. Over time my questions become more intimate, creating a safe, measured and consistent opportunity for your team to uncover all that lies between them which means you all work better, together. To learn more about me and the science behind my process, check out Got any questions? You can reach my developers at [email protected]