YouTrackIssue tracker designed for agile software teams

Manage your work with YouTrack, the project management tool designed for agile teams. Empower your team, be agile, stay connected!
Add the YouTrack app to your Slack workspace and get the most out of both applications. Divert your notifications from email to Slack and view all of your YouTrack updates as direct messages.
To use this app, you should have an active YouTrack Standalone installation or YouTrack InCloud subscription. YouTrack is free for teams of 10 users. You can register a new YouTrack InCloud instance at
The YouTrack app does not use Slack email addresses to sync user accounts. Instead, users are asked to authorize the app by logging in with their YouTrack accounts.
The YouTrack app also shows you issue previews when the user who posts a link to the issue in Slack authorizes the app to display the content to other users.
For a list of available commands, enter /youtrack.

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