Yodel.io Phone System The business phone for teams that lives in Slack!

Yodel.io connects your phone line to your Slack workspace. Collaborate on customer phone calls with your teammates, all in Slack.- A business phone system that is fully integrated in your Slack team.
– Receive and start phone calls straight in your channels.
– optionally create a dedicated phone channel to have a single place for all your calls
– Get phone numbers in over 100 countries.
– Let Yodel.io automatically answer FAQs from your callers directly on the phone.
– Yodel.io routes phone calls to the responsible team or person with the Voice IVR feature by asking the caller who they are and what they need.
– Use speech recognition to get the gist of what your customers wants on the phone.
– Send and receive SMS with your phone number
– over 30 languages supported
– enrich your phone conversations via additional Zapier and Integromat integrationsDetailed information about pricing, phone number coverage and integrations ┬áis available on the Yodel Website.