Yala Social media scheduling, powered by AI

Yala is your smart social media marketing assistant that solves three business challenges:1. Posting on multiple social media channels is time consuming.
2. Posts occasionally collapse just because they haven’t been published at the right time.
3. Producing and maintaining original human content for social media is hard when it’s all on one person.Here is how Yala solves these challenges.~ Multi-Channel Social Media Marketing ~
Post once, publish on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn (Instagram coming soon), each with nuanced differences. Yala asynchronously deploys your post when she detects high engagement on your specific social network property. Yala then gets to work and deploys each post individually. ~ Perfect Timing Assisted by Machine Learning ~
Yala makes use of a machine learning algorithm that vanquishes the need to manually schedule posts. Yala’s machine learning smarts consistently produce better engagement on your posts by knowing when your audience is online, when your followers are most likely to share or retweet your posts and where they’re located.~ Collaborate ~
Did you know that your very own team, can contribute your business’s most original and compelling social media? Yala not only facilitates but encourages team participation by gently prompting staff to contribute social media posts. Yala then triages these contributions, and gives you – or any editors you promote – a sensible way to approve or decline ‘em, making sure nothing ever gets published without proper scrutiny.~ Optimized for Sharing ~
Being on Slack, Yala is always ready to capture interesting articles and insights shared by you and your team and she always formats links, text and images appropriately. Install Yala today and happiness is yours.