Slack Application: xMatters Incidents are costly. Prevention is free.

xMatters is a digital service availability platform that prevents technology issues from becoming business problems. Large enterprises, agile SREs, and innovative DevOps teams rely on its adaptive incident response, automation, and management service to maintain operational visibility and control in today’s highly fragmented technology environment.xMatters sends critical incident information to Slack and other systems for visibility and toolchain automation. Use the xMatters Slackbot to easily pull in the right on-call resources and execute commands across your workflow and solve problems before they impact your customers. xMatters eliminates the need to switch back and forth between systems, so your team can resolve incidents faster.•    Message the @xMatters Slack Bot to find groups, check who is on call, and invite additional resources to a targeted Slack roomAUTOMATE HANDOFFS BETWEEN SLACK AND THE REST OF YOUR TOOLSIntegrating xMatters across your monitoring and service management tools allows you to automatically transfer key data throughout your systems to drive workflows forward. Collaboration invites for Slack reference key data from your monitoring or service management tools so your resolution teams can quickly get up to speed and take action.•    Initiate a targeted chat room via Slack with key data from other tools
•    Automatically assign a service management ticket to the responder
•    Record Slack chat room activity back into a service management ticket
•    Use slash commands to add comments to a service management ticket or StatusPageDON’T HAVE AN XMATTERS ACCOUNT?

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