Xitei TIncident Monitoring Management

XiteiT provides a simple and efficient platform for unifying all your monitoring, automation, and productivity solutions so you can standardize your operational procedures and improve the productivity of your SRENOC engineers.Most monitoring systems (Icinga, Nagios, Zabbix and Datadog for example) can notify the users about new alerts via email, Slack, SMS, or other methods. To retrieve the incidents from Slack, the XiteiT dev team wrote the Slack app which connects XiteiT with Slack. The Slack app enables the XiteiT application to retrieve the data from the Slack channel and insert it to XiteiT DB after parsing to the required format. XiteiT admin user will define which channel XiteiT will access and which data will be collected (Based on filters defined in XiteiT) so the owner of the Slack channel has full control of what information will be retrieved. We do not collect or use any personal information of Slack users.Using AI capabilities combined with years of incident management best practices, allows XiteiT customers to achieve true observability and controllability into their cloud production environments. XiteiT uses correlation and aggregation algorithms to reduce alert noise and combines them with runbook automation for fast and efficient remediation and root cause analysis.Main features of XiteiT are:
•    One dashboard for all alerts from multiple monitoring sources
•    Cross platform alerts processing (email, Slack, API, etc.…)
•    Alerts timeline dashboard
•    Composite alerts management based on cross monitoring platform events
•    Business and technical KPI monitoring
•    Runbook automation
•    Pro-active management and ability to set single tasks or recurring tasks team
•    Real-time runbook management
•    Ticketing system, events documentation
•    Team collaboration – private and public messages, including tracking and reports
•    Shift management including transfer documentation, summary and history
•    Knowledge Base of operations events
•    Reports and analytics – Daily/Weekly/Monthly scheduled or manually generated reports
•    RCA – Alert Lifecycle Management, allowing root cause analysis management Notes:
•    The license of XiteiT is based on monthly subscription BUT it is NOT public yet as we are in Beta process and use it with selected customers. For more details please send email to [email protected]
•    Installation of the XiteiT Slack app without license from XiteiT does not bring any benefits to customers
•    Customers can add resources such as Slack in XiteiT admin. The installation will be done automatically to customers’ Slack. Customers’ Slack admin should approve XiteiT app in Slack