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Chat with XE Currency to convert the world’s currencies with trusted live rates, perfect for business use, shopping, travel, and money transfer needs. XE’s mid-market rates and precious metals are updated every 60 seconds, ensuring you receive the most accurate calculation.XE’s integration with Slack lets users ask about live rates and perform conversions for all currencies around the world, reflecting any activity in the markets.Supported features include:- Live currency rates
– Currency conversions for an amount
– Historic currency conversionsFor live rates, ask XE Currency your currency pair of choice. For example, you can request, “What is Canadian Dollar to Euro?”. Or you can simply ask “What is CAD?” and the answer will be based on the most popular currency conversion!When requesting for an amount, ask XE Currency, “What are 300 US Dollars in Euro?” or more simply, “20 CAD to JPY”. Historic currency conversions allow you to ask specific questions based on date and time, such as “What was the Australian Dollar in Swiss Franc on February 9th, 2009 at 7:00 am?”. Requests can be made starting from  November 16th, 1995 until now.