WrikeAccomplish more by collaborating on Wrike projects in Slack.

Wrike is powerful online project management software that enables every type of team to accomplish more, at scale. By bringing Wrike into Slack, you enable your team to convert informal chats into structured work and more easily collaborate on Wrike projects.With the Wrike integration you can:• Create new tasks to quickly get work into Wrike, where it can be better managed, tracked, and reported on. Use /wriketask to open a popup to easily enter task details.
• Immediately receive notifications as work progresses in Wrike, so your team can stay informed and quickly respond to changes.
• Post task previews into conversations to make it easier to collaborate on Wrike projects while staying in Slack. To show previews, just add the Wrike app to a workspace.Type /wrikehelp to learn more about the integration and see more slash commands.Note that you’ll need a free or paid Wrike account to use the Wrike integration.

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