Wrangle WorkflowsAutomate your approval requests.

Wrangle Workflows is easy workflow automation for busy teams. Design and automate multi-step processes. Start with collecting form data, then route to your team members for approvals and tasks. Use conditional logic to decide whether some of the work is optional. Wrangle Workflows lets you get approvals, collect form data, and assign tasks that users can complete right in Slack. Once they’re done, we automatically notify the next people in the process. You can even kick off your workflows from over 2000+ other apps.Wrangle Workflows helps with any kind of process — here are a few examples: customer onboarding, employee onboarding, time off requests, purchase approvals, sales quote generation and sign-off, contract reviews, and so many more.With Wrangle Workflows, there’s no more white-boarding and process documentation. Just use our drag-and-drop builder to map out the steps in your process and who should do them.There’s no more teaching people how to follow the process, because Wrangle Workflows handles sending them a Slack message when it’s their turn, with one-click buttons to approve a request or complete some tasks.And, there’s no more wondering where a piece of work is — we put it all on a dashboard so you can see what step it’s on and who is assigned to that step.Wrangle Workflows is free for up to five users, so try it out today.

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