WorkfrontWorkfront + Slack: the way work gets done.

Workfront’s enterprise work management platform helps companies become more efficient, produce high quality work, and deliver that work faster. By using Workfront in Slack, people can stay on focused on their top priority work, protect their time against distractions, and find information faster within Workfront – all without leaving their Slack conversations.With the Workfront app for Slack, you can:
• Access your ‘Working On’, ‘Requested Work’, and ‘Approvals’ queues privately from any Slack channel. To view queues use /workfront work.
• Search for Workfront tasks, issues, and more without leaving Slack. To find information quickly use /workfront search.
• Make approval decisions without switching applications. To view items waiting for approval use /workfront approvals.
• Create and assign tasks from any Slack conversation using /workfront add task.
• Log time to your tasks directly from Slack by using /workfront working on.
• View your Workfront recents and favorites lists with /workfront recent and /workfront favorites.To view a full list of all the things you can do with the Workfront app for Slack use /workfront help.

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