Workday Workday For Slack

Workday was founded on a disruptive idea: to put people at the center of enterprise software. Workday for Slack empowers people to work more intuitively and with less friction by bringing Workday to their natural workspace, Slack.• App Home – A new personalized starting point for Workday with Quick Actions and content tailored to you• Time Off – Quickly check your balance or submit a time off request• Streamline Feedback – Submit Anytime Feedback for coworkers directly from Slack, to drive a recognition rich culture• Lookup Coworkers – Easily lookup a person’s Workday profile and share with others, to facilitate more effective communication and decision making• Enter Expenses – Conveniently enter receipts and other quick expenses using Slack, to enable timely and accurate expenses• Interview Feedback – Hiring managers and recruiters can efficiently remind interviewers to submit feedback on candidatesA commercial license of Workday is required to use this app.