WorkbotBot platform for Workflows & ChatOps

Workbot is a bot platform by Workato that you can use to configure your workflows, ChatOps, and send custom, actionable notifications – without having to write a single line of code!Apps include: Workday, Salesforce, Servicenow, Netsuite, Jira, Okta and 1000+ more! For more info, visit Workbot can do
1. Orchestrate approval workflows
Execute approval workflows within Slack so you don’t have to waste time hopping across multiple apps. Only people with the proper app privileges can act upon them, or pull up past request info.
Some example approval workflows include deal approvals, IT requisition, order fulfillment, vacation or even expense requests.2. Automate ChatOps
Workbot helps you connect people, bots and tools in an automated and transparent workflow.
Some examples include automated ITOps follow-up, getting smart, actionable alerts from DevOps, or managing security operations using Okta from Slack.3. Connected Support
Work with Support, CRM and Dev systems right from Slack for reduced time to resolution, response time and improved customer experience.
Examples: Create, list, show, escalate tickets, automatically creating a channel to discuss and resolve issues.4. Connected Sales and Marketing
Get personalized messages on your sales progress, quickly pull up info such as leads, opportunities, accounts, cases and more from your CRM and reduce context switching.
Examples: Get only relevant info such as new, important leads assigned to you, new tasks, weekly notification of open cases/ opportunities closing this week, unfurling URLs.5. Customize Workbot to work with your business processes
All Workbot commands are powered by the Workato platform via recipes. Customize recipes to suit your specific app customizations, or create your own workflows and commands to work with your business needs. The possibilities are endless!To get started, install the bot and connect your apps. More at:

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