Workbench Intelligence for SlackTrack the usage, adoption and impact of Slack across your organisation in real-time with Workbench Intelligence for Slack.

Slack IntelligenceDo you know how your adoption of Slack has impacted your organisational effectiveness – and how it compares to your other systems?Slack Intelligence by Temporall is a product that brings clarity to the value and success of Slack to your organisation – it allows you to surface insights from your organisation and understand the meaning behind your data. Connect Slack with Temporall’s Workbench platform using Slack Intelligence to gain advanced, real-time insights on the usage, adoption and impact across your organisation. There are 15 product capabilities within Slack Intelligence, including:- Measure Slack activity including connections, channels and levels of team engagement- Explore demographic differences and changes over time with advanced filtering including drill-downs and date-range pickers- Track emerging topics, trends and organisational sentiment- Collect anonymous feedback from people and teams Slack bots to gain people intelligenceCompare usage, adoption and impact of Slack with your other enterprise messaging and collaboration tools e.g. Microsoft Teams and Workplace by FacebookInstall Slack Intelligence via Workbench and contact_us to have a demo or for more information.

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