WorkatoAutomate your business with Workato recipes. Leave troublesome integrations behind.

Workato allows you to connect Slack with the enterprise & productivity apps used across your organization. This allows you to perform Slack workspace orchestration in your Workato automations.If you’re a Slack administrator (or part of an administrative team) that needs to automate workflows on a workspace-level, then the Slack connector is what you need. Using the Slack connector, you can subscribe to workspace-level events to trigger workspace-level actions like:
– creating, archiving, and unarchiving conversations
– inviting members to conversations
– setting conversation purpose & topic
– making custom requests to any Slack API endpoint you requireFor example, you can automate the creation, naming, purpose-setting, and members of private Slack channels (e.g. between members of Customer Success and customers), triggered by a ticket escalation in Jira.Find out more automation examples at

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