Workast Project Management for Teams on Slack

Workast is the project management app for teams on Slack. Workast helps you and your team organize team work, manage projects, create tasks, track daily priorities and get more work done – all without leaving Slack. Additionally, Workast is available in web and mobile. Learn moreHow is Workast different?
• No emails: We send notifications on Slack to keep you focused.
• Sign in using your Slack account: SSO supported out of the box.
• 1 click installation for your whole team: Anyone can start using it immediately, for free!What can you do with Workast in Slack?
• Create and assign tasks to others using /todo or the shortcuts menu
• Create and manage personal tasks with /mytodo
• Add a due date and descriptions to your tasks
• Complete tasks
• Turn a Slack message into a task
• Connect a #channel to a Workast project to receive updates and list tasks
• Get notifications from @workast about your tasks
• Create custom forms that your team can submit using /forms Learn more.
• Customizable daily reminders of your tasks
• Create custom reports and receive period updates from @workast Learn more.
• 2-way calendar sync with Google Calendar, iCloud, Office 365, Outlook and MS Exchange Learn more.
• Integrations with other tools like Github, Bitbucket and Zapier,
• Import tasks from your existing project management software like Trello, Asana, Jira, Basecamp, Todoist, Wunderlist, To-do. Trusted by over 120,000 teams from companies such as PayPal, VMWare, eBay, IBM, Electronic Arts, Ticketmaster, Walmart, Getty Images, CBS and more!Login to Workast | Help Center |  Follow Us!