Wired Relations GDPR Privacy Compliance and System & Vendor Management

Wired Relations makes it easy for you and your team to take control of all your systems, vendors and privacy (like GDPR). With Quick Create features you an overview all yours systems, personal data, vendors, attach DPA’s, document data processing, exercise data subjects rights and report to data protection authorities and use automatic controls to ensure you maintain your compliance.Wired Relations for Slack brings the benefits of Wired Relations right into your team’s conversation: * One place to keep track of all your systems and vendors.
* Stay on top of changes in your systems, vendors and your privacy compliance.
* Get notified when assigned to a task or it’s time to run a privacy procedure.
* Communicate and delegate To-Do’s in your compliance project.Visit our website to learn more or sign up for a Wired Relations account.What people are saying about Wired Relations:* Wired Relations is the best GDPR system I have seen so far, and single to none for companies that want to benefit from GDPR – Kim Weiss-Poulsen, C-cure.* Wired Relations is a fantastic system to keep track of all systems, vendors and GDPR compliance. Easy to use and good value for money. Can really be recommended – Peter Andersen, Wedoio.Note: you can use this integration with a free Wired Relations Freemium account and in the paid Medium account.