Weekly Wins Celebrate your team’s wins with an engaging weekly internal newsletter.

Weekly Wins enables you to celebrate your team’s wins with an engaging weekly internal newsletter that only takes a few minutes of your time to create and can be posted on Slack as well as sent by email. So how does it work?• Your team members will be asked on Slack to share their wins once a week.
• Weekly Wins then creates a newsletter draft populated with your team’s wins.
• Of course, you can also add your personal touch with a newsletter intro, fun stories, GIFs, company news. It’s definitely going to be engaging as it comes from the team, for the team!  Promote positivity and uplift your team
Break information silos
Build camaraderie
Let everyone be heard and contribute
Motivate your team to fight new battles every week as they can all see how everyone is working hard to push the company forward
Contributed wins can be great for 1-on-1s
Create a more connected remote teamTry out Weekly Wins and make your team feel like they are part of something amazing, each week.