Weekaz Time tracking solution managed entirely inside Slack. No external accounts required.

Weekaz is a time tracking solution entirely managed inside Slack – no external account required. Enable your team to track time seamlessly and without distractions so they can focus on what matters.With Weekaz, you can:
• create timesheets for projects, customers, or departments
• assign different access level for each timesheet user
• measure the activity duration in hours or man-days
• for each timesheet, define up to 10 custom fields for activities
• use the built-in Stopwatch to track the time spent working and pre-fill it when you log the activityYou can log activity any way you prefer:
• open Weekaz App Home and click on Log Activity
• type /weekaz log anywhere in the workspace
• click on Log an Activity in the global shortcut menuFull list of available slash commands:
/weekaz log log activity
/weekaz start activate Stopwatch that measures the time for you
/weekaz help display a quick help text
/weekaz support contact the support team
/weekaz feedback send product feedback to developersFeatures currently under development:
• more detailed reports, incl. graphs
• auto-restart Stopwatch after logging an activity
• maximum timesheets per workspace increase from 10 to unlimited
• support for Enterprise Grid
• detailed notification settings & remindersUseful links:
• User Guide
• Terms of Service
• ChangelogWeekaz is now 100% free, and in the future (expect Q2 2021) will transition into commercial service with both free and paid plans available.Currently, workspaces in Enterprise Grid are not supported.