Webtalk The smartest way to manage your relationships.

Webtalk is a global big data software technology company focused on relationship-based data mining, storage and search technologies to power the next generation communication and commerce utility. Using a patent-pending data labeling process, Webtalk has been able to reinvent online relationship management through a user experience unparalleled in the industry; creating an entirely new class of product to manage contacts, communication and content seamlessly.By connecting your Webtalk account to Slack, Webtalk will post to Slack channels, of your choosing, on your behalf. Initially, you connect your Slack account to Webtalk and grant Webtalk privileges to post to Slack. Once your Slack account is connected to your Webtalk account, you can post content on Webtalk and syndicate that content to Slack. Webtalk allows you complete control of what content you post to Slack.