Wallee This app connects the wallee payment hub with Slack.

wallee is a payment hub that allows merchant to process payments via a standardized API through multiple payment processors. To find out more about our feature have a look at https://wallee.com/features.htmlThe wallee app pushes notifications and manual tasks (chargebacks, fraud decisions, etc.) into user specified Slack channels. Slack users will be able to make decisions directly within Slack about manual tasks issues by wallee.You are able to decide how to proceed directly inside your slack channel. You do not even have to login to the application. The tasks will be updated automatically if an other member of your team already completed the task. Typically we are able to notify you about the following events:
– Suspicious transactions that require your attention
– Chargebacks
– Reconciliation Issues
– Unknown transaction statuses etcTo get started create an account on https://wallee.com