Vizerto Enterprise digital assistant for sales with a single purpose: to find & deliver the best answers to seller’s questions in real-time.

Customers use Vizerto to:
● provide sellers fast, accurate answers to their questions
● learn from every seller question to better predict the next answer
● give time back to the experts
● capture questions and redistribute the best answers at scale, and in real-time, by making expertise available everywhere
● give answers that are contextual to the seller’s questions, eg company environment, products, messaging, terms and conditions and moreSlack Workspace users can directly engage with Vizerto Bot for instant answers for configured business domains by the customer’s organisation.
User can Ask a question on Slack channel, for e.g, “Does our product support latest GPDR and Brazil’s GDPL compliance requirements?”
Vizerto bot will provide best suggestions if you are a valid user in Vizerto.
If domain is not mapped, Vizerto bot will ask user to input domain url you want to connect.
As a user you can accept or submit through interactive components to be answered by the experts of question domain.