Vacation TrackerYour One-Stop-Shop For Effortless Leave Tracking

Manage PTO, sick leave, work from home, business travel, conference days, a cake day or any type of leave you want with Vacation Tracker. If you’re an Administrator:* Create and manage Locations, and import national Holidays
* Setup multiple Departments and assign Approvers
* Sync with Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Outlook, and others
* Create multiple Leave Types used within your organization
* Customize each Leave Type with a location-tied Leave Policy
* Allow negative balance, set leave quotas, manage auto-approvals, and much more
* Set organization-wide or team-specific Notifications (both weekly and daily)
* Manage rollovers based on your company’s preferences
* Export your leave history and team statuses
* And so much more! If you’re a User:* Request leave and receive approval without leaving Slack (/vacation)
* Edit future and ongoing leave requests
* View your leave history and available leave quota
* See who your Approvers are
* Check upcoming leaves and holidays within your team or the whole organizationIf you’re an Approver:* Approve/Deny/Edit leave requests
* + everything the users can do! We pride ourselves on providing awesome customer support and being WFH friendly! Don’t take our word for it! Try it out for yourself and join the 1000+ organizations all over the world using Vacation Tracker to stay on top of who’s in and out of the office. It takes less than 30 seconds to sign up and Vacation Tracker offers a 14-day free trial! (no required). Interested in learning more? Check out our Helpdesk.For more information about our pricing, check out our Pricing page.

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