USE TogetherStart remote pair programming and team collaboration sessions right from within Slack with USE Together.

USE Together is a remote pair programming and team collaboration tool. When you share your screen with USE Together, all the participants get a mouse cursor and can interact with your apps. Don’t worry, you can take back the control at anytime. USE Together is perfectly suited to pair programming, pair designing, doc editing or even customer support! You feel like you are working at the same desk.Download and install the USE Engine app from our website then create a free account with your Slack identity: you’re all set to invite people on your screen whether they have the USE Engine app installed or not. They can join you from their web browser (without having to install the app or sign up to USE Together) or from the app built-in contact list!After installing this app integration, just use these commands to get started:• /use: Start a screen sharing session and let people join you right from within Slack.
• /use invite @slackuser or /use invite [email protected]: Invite a user to join your screen.
• /use invite: Copy an invite link to your clipboard.
• /use add @slackuser or /use add [email protected]: Add a user to your contact list.Make USE Together your default calling app on Slack and launch sessions with a single click.

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